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How to Update this Site

For the Reach University Team

Adding articles will be the main management/maintenance that you will need to do once the site is fully built out. This page explains how to do this.

  • Log into Wix

  • Go to Page: Dynamic Pages: Playbooks (Title)

  • Double-click on Playbooks Dataset

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 12.13.45 PM.png
  • Edit Title to reflect the title of the article.

  • Edit Executive Summary, and add the executive summary. Include the heading, "Executive Summary" with Heading 2 formatting. 

  • Edit ItemPageText and add the content of the article. This is a Rich Text WYSIWYG editor that will enable you to add headings (Use Heading 2), images, documents, videos, and more just the way that you want them to appear on the article.

  • Edit PlaybookName, PlaybookFor, PlaybookNumber, and PlaybookURL exactly as written below

How to Update Table_edited.jpg
  • Edit TotalArticlesinPlaybook to reflect the total number of articles that are in that playbook. If this has changed, update this item for all articles in that playbook.

  • Edit SequenceWithinPlaybook and enter the number that this article should appear sequentially within the playbook. If needed, update this item for other articles in the playbook.

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