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Leading a Change Management Process for Faculty & Securing Internal Approvals

Map Out a Change Management Process & Timeline

Implementing an apprenticeship-based degree program often requires shifts in work streams and mindsets for people across an institution. Therefore, it’s important to take an intentional approach to change management. When done well, change management can rally stakeholders around your vision, ensure that you have the resources you need, and build resilience for your program as it encounters inevitable startup obstacles. When steps in the change management process are missed, it can cause the effort to falter or even end before it begins.

Dr. John Kotter, a change management expert, has developed an approach to change management that involves eight critical steps. You can also use your institution’s existing change management process.

When you have identified a change management process, think through the steps and stakeholders that will be key to your implementation, and build a timeline. Get feedback from colleagues who have a holistic view of your institution.


At Reach University, we have found the following messaging tips to be helpful. This presentation is also an example of how we have communicated this change.

  • For faculty who are new to clinical or apprenticeship-based education, explain that we are just replacing the homework components of their courses.

  • For faculty who are experienced with clinical education, explain that this program and the Craft tracker will enable them to deepen their insight into students’ clinical experiences.

Additionally, the benefits of the Reach Method are detailed here.

Steps to Include in Your Change Management Process

There will be others, but the following are critical steps to include and flesh out in your change management process.

  • Take the plan you have designed to the faculty

  • Take the plan you have designed through any internal approval processes at your university

  • Determine whether your changes require accreditor approval and if so, take them to your accreditor

Get Support with this Process

Reach University, Centre for Tutorial Teaching, and Craft Education can coach you through this change management process, and help you with the following. For more information, please email

  • Evaluate your current state

  • Understand challenges that might emerge

  • Develop your change management plans

  • Other needs that arise throughout the implementation of your apprenticeship-based degree program

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