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Review Standards and Frameworks from your Sponsor’s Recognized Apprenticeship Program

Executive Summary

It is important that you familiarize yourself with key elements of your sponsor’s registered apprenticeship program so that you can support your apprentices to effectively complete the program and maintain their funding. Key elements to review are:

  • Timelines and approach

  • On-the-job learning and/or competency requirements

  • Related instruction requirements

  • Reporting requirements

Timelines and Approach

Your sponsor’s registered apprenticeship application will outline required timelines and whether the apprenticeship approach is time-based, competency-based, or hybrid. You should ensure that you understand which option your registered apprenticeship sponsor has chosen, and make sure that you are comfortable with the requirements this creates for you as an employer partner.

On-the-Job Learning and/or Competency Requirements

Each sponsor’s Registered Apprenticeship Application will detail the on-the-job learning expectations for apprentices. These may include a required number of hours, competencies, or both. An example of each is provided below. Review the requirements in your state’s application to ensure that the design of your apprenticeship experience will enable apprentices to fulfill the requirements.

Related Instruction Requirements

Each sponsor’s Registered Apprenticeship Application will also detail the related instruction requirements, typically fulfilled by the institute of higher education through which your apprentice is obtaining their degree and/or credential. While you as the K-12 district and employer may not be responsible for meeting these requirements, understanding them will enable you to grasp the full picture of your apprentices’ experience.

Reporting Requirements

In most cases, federal reporting is handled by the local workforce board, but it is essential to ensuring that your apprentices receive apprenticeship funding. The Craft tracker is designed to make data collection and reporting simpler by being the primary platform that apprentices use to track their work while gathering all of the elements required by the PIRL reports, which is hundreds of points of data for each learner, each quarter. You can also advise your apprentices that they should expect outreach from their workforce board to confirm their continued participation in the program.

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