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Oversee Apprentices

Executive Summary

The primary responsibilities of K-12 districts, as the employer partner in the teaching apprenticeship degree program, are as follows:

  • Ensure apprentices have a compliant work assignment

  • Support apprentices in applying with their local workforce board

  • Assign evaluators

  • Review apprentices’ activities

Ensure Apprentices Have a Compliant Work Assignment

Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements of your state’s apprenticeship program, ensure that you are providing each apprentice with a work assignment that will enable them to fulfill all of the requirements. Verify that they will have sufficient work hours and opportunities to practice the competencies that may be required.

Support Apprentices in Applying with their Local Workforce Board

Apprenticeship funding, which reduces the cost of the apprenticeship teaching degree, requires apprentices to find their local workforce board, review and complete their requirements, select their training provider, and maintain their status as an apprentice. Check with all of your apprentices to ensure that they have completed the initial steps and are maintaining their status. Additional information is here.

Assign Evaluators

Each apprentice should have an on-site evaluator – i.e., the mentor teacher you assign to them as a part of their apprenticeship. This person will serve as a mentor, coach, and reviewer to apprentices. They should themselves have demonstrated the skills and competencies of effective teaching. They should be someone who has enough time to provide support to the apprentice and to review activities in the Craft Tracker.

Review Apprentices’ Activities

Maintaining apprenticeship funding requires that students are completing the activities required by their state’s apprenticeship program. These activities must be reviewed and either approved or returned to the student in the Craft Tracker by their assigned evaluator (ie, their mentor teachers). This should be completed on a regular and timely basis by the evaluator assigned to each apprentice. A video explaining how to do this is below.

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