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Implementing an Apprenticeship-Based Degree Program

Executive Summary

There are five key elements of successful program implementation, and there is support available to help you with all stages of this process.

  1. Professional development

  2. Documentation of program and curriculum design

  3. Implementation of the Craft tracker

  4. First-term or pilot rollout

  5. Continuous improvement

Overview of Program Implementation Items

The following are key elements for program implementation, though your particular context may involve others.

  1. Professional development: Provide initial and ongoing faculty training and professional development around the Craft tracker, apprenticeship-based design, and the overall tutorial method.

  2. Documentation of program and curriculum design: Define any of the guidelines identified in your design process, make syllabus changes, and update catalogs and handbooks.

  3. Implementation of the Craft tracker: Schedule training, upload your information, and support students and faculty to begin using the Craft tracker.

  4. First-term or pilot rollout: Carefully consider what each stakeholder will need to be successful in your first rollout - students, employers, evaluators, faculty, administrators - and make a plan to ensure that they have the resources that they need. This is likely to include training, FAQs, tools, technology access, and where they go for help.

  5. Continuous improvement: Determine which continuous improvement process you will use. We recommend that it includes periodic check-ins and self-assessments or formative assessments, and use rubrics related to the Reach pillars, such as the one below.

Formative Assessment Rubrics for Reach Method
Download DOCX • 33KB

Get Support with this Process

Reach University, Centre for Tutorial Teaching, and Craft Education can coach you through this process, and help you with the following. For more information, please email

  • Evaluate your current state

  • Understand challenges that might emerge

  • Develop plans for any step of your implementation

  • Other needs that arise throughout the implementation of your apprenticeship-based degree program

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